5-A-Day Books for this week

Our Cakie truly is a real “Shoe Baby” so this book fits her like a glove! It is all about a baby who gets separated from his parents and ends up travelling around in a shoe having wonderful adventures until he finds them again. It is all in rhyme and has lots of lovely details and humour.

“Everyone Hide From Wibbly Pig” is one from our large collection of Mick Inkpen stories. He deserves a post all of his own because he is so fab! Cakie loves this primarily for the ingenious flaps and simple, quick story (very important for keeping her interest right now!)
These DK “Peekaboo” flap books have been a favourite since Cakie was about 6 months old, hence their dog-eared appearance! They have lovely big flaps and bright, engaging photographs.

I think there are lots more in this range too, but we have enough for now!