DIY: Portable Art Board!

A little while ago a friend gave us some fabulous window crayons and we used them during the summer to scribble all over the windows in the kitchen. Lots of fun. But then we found scribble on the walls, doors and floors and so daddy wasn’t impressed and permanently “lost” them! So I’ve been trying to think of a way we could use them again as they have such a lovely waxy quality and are so easy to wipe away- perfect for little artists.
So when we went shopping this week we picked up a large, cheap, plastic tray and gave the window crayons another try! And in the process we have ended up with a really nice, portable art easel that can be used anywhere, even in the car on a long journey!

 These crayons are by Crayola but there may be other brands out there that do something similar.

 She got drawing straight away, making “circles” and “colourings” all over the tray.

 And being only 2 she hugely enjoyed wiping it off again (with a dry, soft cloth.) Let’s hope the novelty for cleaning it up doesn’t wear off too soon!

A little voice gave a running commentary.. “do another one” …..”circles over dere”….. “colouring in da corners”…”wash it away”…

 “Ta da!” This is Mummy, apparently!

And baby girl found rolling and collecting the pens plenty of fun and even had a little go at drawing too.

100% mess free, lots of fun and portable!

This activity is good for:
* promoting independence
* creativity
* developing drawing skills

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    LOVE IT! My boy has an opposition to doing art on paper for some reason! He loves to draw on anything else, but we are trying to discourage that as it can sometimes be a little hard to clean up. Lucky nothing major so far! But I have been trying to find was of still encouraging him to draw and then I take a photo of his work afterwards and put in his book of masterpieces after that! So I can’t wait to try this idea out. Thanks for sharing.

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    Where did you find the plastic trays? We are going on a 12+ hr road trip in a few weeks and I need LOTS of affordable ideas to keep my 20 month old and almost 4 year old occupied…and this is PERFECT!