5 a Day Books: Jill Murphy

 This week we are reading and listening to all of the stories about the Large family, a herd of amusing relatable elephants, written by Jill Murphy. They are humorous snap shots of real family life and right now C. wants to listen to them on audio CD on repeat!

This first one is about Daddy’s birthday that doesn’t quite go to plan as both parents are too exhausted to stay awake for it!

 This story is about the eternal struggle with weight gain and dieting and how this family finally conclude that elephants are meant to be fat!

 In this story, Mr and Mrs Large are heading out for a special night out and trying desperately to get out of the door in one piece. Very funny and relatable as parents!

 This one has to be my absolute favourite. Mrs Large tries to have 5 minutes peace away from her children, but they follow her wherever she goes and end up all getting in the bath with her! There have been so many times where I have felt exactly like this! Every mother needs this book :-)

This last choice is not about the Large family, but a sweet family of bears instead. Poor old Mr Bear can’t sleep and tries every room in the house and even the garden, only to be confronted by a new series of annoying noises wherever he goes. This is a great book for teaching from and asking young children to predict and invent their own noises and causes.
What have you been reading this week?
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