Autumn Sensory Table

Create an Autumn sensory table using natural materials for kids to explore the colours, textures of the season up close.Autumn sensory discovery table

We, like I’m sure you have too, have been collecting leaves and conkers (buckeyes) by the armful as we go out on numerous Autumn

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Leaf Art: Tissue Paper Bleeding

Make some gorgeous leaf art for Autumn with this tissue paper bleeding project! So simple and mess free, the results are gorgeous and are a great way to explore shapes, overlapping and colour mixing too.Tissue paper bleeding art with leaves

Here’s another leaf art project for Autumn, or easily adaptable

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Top 15 Fine Motor Toys and Resources

Here are my top 15 fine motor toys and resources that I would recommend for all parents, teachers and child-carers who are playing alongside preschool to school aged children. They are perfectly child-sized and appropriate, can be used for countless open-ended ways in play and learning activities and are just fantastic for developing those all

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Fine Motor Game for Preschoolers: Pom Pom Races!

Use simple, everyday materials to make a fun fine motor game for preschoolers! Set a race to fill the cups with pom poms, using only the tools provided and no hands. My kids (all ages) loved this!

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DIY Window Paint Recipe

Use this super quick DIY window paint recipe to create some art and mark making on the windows. The bonus is that it is very easy to wash off again when they are finished! Great for working on a vertical plane and thus developing gross motor control and early writing and drawing skills, plus plenty

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