Crayon Melt Valentine’s Day Art for Kids

Make this simple, vibrant and stunning Valentine’s day art for kids using this beautiful crayon melt technique!Crayon Melt Valentines Day Art for Kids

The following is a guest post from the uber talented and inspiring Jean Van’t Hul, author of The Artful Parent. Thank you Jean!


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Rainbow Alphabet Crayons

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Create your own alphabet of crayons for a fun gift for preschoolers and a sneaky way to practise some early literacy skills at the same time!

┬áThese beautiful, rainbow alphabet crayons are straightforward to make and there’s some fun science to learn during the process

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DIY: Rainbow Crayons!

This is one of those lovely ideas that I have seen around the internet so often, and have wanted to try for a while now. I finally ended up with a plethora of cheap crayons recently so recycled about 12 of them to make these cute little rainbow shape crayons using ice cube trays for

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