50 Magical Family Christmas Traditions

Here are 50 family Christmas traditions which are all a little bit magical! Create some wonderful memories for the years ahead  by starting a few new traditions each year together.50 Ideas for making a magical Christmas with kids

Recently I asked everyone over on my Facebook page

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Focus on the Nativity: Celebrating the Christmas Message with Kids!

Welcome to Focus on the Nativity, a collaborative collection of fabulous ideas from over 25 talented bloggers, all about celebrating the Christmas message with children! 

I am thrilled to be hosting this special event this year as the message behind the Christmas story is so important to us as a

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Balloon Surprise Birthday Countdown

Create an easy birthday countdown with balloons containing little surprises, ready to be popped in the lead up to the big day!

I don’t know about your kids, but when mine are approaching their birthdays the excitement is palpable and it almost feels like they’re going to

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Our Birthday Tree Tradition

Create a wonderful new family tradition, by making a birthday tree together to mark the occasion!  Last year we began our own family tradition of making birthday trees to celebrate each child’s birthday! I thought, why have a special tree just at Christmas time? Why not make one together for

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Hello Baby!

“Every good and perfect gift is from above” (James 1v17)  Here she is! Baby Isabella was born on Wednesday and is bringing us plenty of joy already! There has been lots of sisterly adoration which we hope will long continue.

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